Hadiah comel untuk yang tersayang!
Pelbagai barangan comel untuk kamu dan si dia!
toink2 ^_^

Lu ni poyo la, cakap mat salleh kunun!

Assalamualaikum n blessed morning all :)

Haaa, how is my entry tittle? Ada gempak? hehehe..Ekceli, I am so in love to speak in English now since all weeks long I'd watched The Graham Norton Show from morning to midnight. So crazy bout it..hehe :D I'd done that in my study weeks n first exam week..Lil bit crazy huh?? And I just started my study 4 days before exam.. :D But everything went well I guess, I GUESS~ huhu Pray for me okay dear :)

Btw that's not the main story here.. Alright, so, what I m tryin' to tell here is.... Why do we Malay people are so jealous when some of our friends try to speak English or Manglish? Of course it's not that good but at least they try to speak.. Us? What do we do? Jealousy all the time? Say bad thing all the time? Ghibbah all the time??? Hey c'mon, stop with all that nonsense stuff! Wake upp laaa, make effort n try a bit.. Who knows ur perfomance is better rather than us? ^_^

Practising doesnt make u perfect but beyond that..Know what I mean? Every stuggle is a victory..U will remember the hard time u were struggling with urself n other people and find that were the precious moments. Be able to speak fluently is such an awesomeness!! But, you must try it everyday, practising everyday, and put aside for a while that shameness :D just a while, for a good sake its okey

A Pinch A day, Makes the Passion Keep Awake!! Haaaa? ever heard that saying? Noo?? So do I.. I create it myself :P hehe. Means "Secubit sehari akan membuatkan semangatmu terus membara" Ye laaa, mana ada org yg kena cubit diam cam2 je, mst akan ada somehow electric shock sket kan like marah ke, something la kan...so, that's what I mean..get it? No? Nevermindd :D

So, start speaking today? Now? Remember! Ur effort today will decide who you are in future :) Let's start speaking!! :D Poyoooo!! Ini sume poyooo!! arghhhh...put that aside~ Just ignore it..
Dearies, fairies, sweet ladies, lets the journey begin!! ^_^

#Had  The Graham Norton Show n Oh My English fever..zzzz ^_^

* Oh My English*

*The Graham Norton Show*

~ Happy holiday to all the maktab-ians  :)~

Mencari hadiah comel untuk yang tersayang?

(: Lailahaillallah Muhammadurrasulullah :)

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